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Hi there! Erika Glebocki here, the face behind eg. home. I am so grateful you have found your way to this space, as it is a passion project that has become a small business I am so excited about and proud of. I have been designing spaces as long as I can remember - using my allowance as a little girl to pick a new "theme" for my bedroom every few years. Let's just many. comforters. I even ended up with a purple statement wall one year. Thank goodness for supportive parents! I even still have my old "trading Space" design books I would read, study and dream about as a teenager. Does anyone else rememebr that show?! My favorite growing up! "Redesigning" my room as kid was my creative outlet. I realized it was a way for me to express myself, show what was important to me and also who I was. 

Ever since then, I have continued to decorate and design my own spaces over the years. It has always been more than "stuff" to me. There is something so special about creating a space that is reflective of your personality and memories that are important to you. I found through my own experiences though, it's not always easy to accomplish the look you want that is affordable and obtainable. It can feel frustrating and defeating to think it's not possible to have a space you love. But I've learned not not let that perspection cloud your vision - it can be done! Sometimes it just takes creativity, a little DIY, some tradeoffs, and patience. I've spent the last few years planning strategies, ideas, inspriation, and finding products and vendors that truly are represenative of you and I cannot wait to bring it into your home!

An exciting part of this passion project turned small business has been working with my husband, Max, on beautiful custom build pieces that he creates. This part of eg. home helps shows a different side of budget friendly design - how DIY items no matter how small can make the biggest difference. But DIY projects aren't for everybody, and that is okay! It's showing you to think alternatively and creatively and understanding that your home goals are attainable, there might just be a road less traveled to get there.

I spend my personal time traveling with my husband, hiking with our rescue pup Bryer, and let's be honest...staring and being inspired by all things home design.


eg. home is an inclusive home decor community that provides interior design services, ideas and inspiration no matter what your budget is! Join me on this design journey as I help you create spaces you love and rooms that make way for lasting memories.


Images and designs that inspire me.

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 "My biggest surprise was how much we could change our space without having to spend a huge amount of money.  Erika is great at finding deals and understanding how to marry new pieces with current items we had to make the space uniquely our own."

—  Laura + Niles, Clients

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